Investing Team

Mentorship students on the Investing Team become familiar with venture capital at a fundamental level, including understanding the startup landscape and being able to form strong investment theses. They also become deeply embedded in the entrepreneurial and venture capital communities in NYC.

Curriculum Overview

The Investing Team curriculum is carefully crafted to provide an aspiring venture capitalist knowledge and skillsets necessary to analyze startup investments. 

  • 1

    Startup & Venture Capital Basics

    • Startup Terms and Metrics
    • Market Analysis Frameworks
    • Figma and Design Principles
    • VC Structure and Job Cycle
    • VC Revenue Model
    • Syndicates
    • Term Sheets
    • Convertible and SAFE Notes
    • Fundraising
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  • 2

    Accounting & Valuation

    • Reading Financial Reports
    • Financial Statements
    • Time Value of Money
    • Enterprise and Equity Value
    • DCF, Comparables, Precedent Transactions
    • Startup Valuations
    • IRR and Fund Return
    • IPO Valuations
    • M&A Valuations
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  • 3

    Market Research & Due Diligence

    • Market Size
    • Market Analysis Frameworks, cont.
    • Competitive Landscaping
    • General Comapny Analysis
    • Understanding Value Proposition
    • Business Model and Fund Fit
    • Creating Investment Memos
    • Building Startup Pitches
    • Drafting Industry Reports
    • Tech News
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Investing Team Consulting

Our students support our VC partners by conducting due diligence and researching startups and growing markets, and offer our partners a strong and vetted pool of candidates for future internships. 

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