For Students

Consulting gives students tangible work experience. Our students support our partners by learning on the job, offering our partners a strong and vetted pool of candidates for future internship opportunities.

  • Startup team consulting

    Startup Team Responsibilities

    Data Analysis • Full Stack Development • Machine Learning • Product Design • Competitive Analysis • Customer Discovery • Channel Iteration • Campaign Management • Experiment Research

  • Investing team consulting

    Investing Team Responsibilities

    Deal sourcing • Due diligence • Financial modeling • Market research • Competitive landscaping • Market/technology trends • Investment memoranda/presentations • Industry reports • Financial reports

Previous Startup Team Partners


DiginoorSeed - $1 million is India’s first NFT marketplace for movie buffs. It has partnered with India’s biggest production houses and celebrities to revolutionize fandom.


RillaVoiceSeries A - $3.7 million

RillaVoice is a voice recognition software that captures insights from conversations shoppers have with salespeople in retail stores to better understand the store experience. 

Sitelogo blue

PathlightSeries B - $34.2 million

Pathlight offers real-time data analysis, management automation, customizable alerting, one-click coaching, intended to grant organizational leadership complete visibility. 

Investing Team Partners

Divergent logo

Divergent Capital

Divergent Capital is a venture capital firm run by veteran angel investor Katie Shea. Past investments include Bombas, Parade, and Cleancult. Katie Shea is also an EEG alumn (president in 2009). 

Opco+white blue+box

Operating Partners Collective

Operating Partners Collective (OPCO) is a fintech consulting firm running an angel syndicate as part of its Strategic Capital vertical where it makes Seed / Series A investments. 

Starburst logo removebg preview

Starburst Aerospace

Starburst Ventures is a global startup accelerator and venture capital fund investing in the future of aerospace. Partners in their accelerators include Singapore Airlines, Hyundai, Rolls Royce, and Boeing. 

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