Entrepreneurs in Residence

EEG’s new unique accelerator program for NYU founders: tailored workshops, expert mentorship, and top-tier VC networking - focused on individual startup needs in a growth-centric community. 

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A brief description of our resources and what to expect from the program: 

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    Founder Events
    Dinners, meetups, and firesides with the cohort and other founders.
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    Need-based workshops taught by professionals and professors.
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    VC Partners
    Pitches and office hours with tier-one VC partners every week.

VC partners

  • Featuring partners and MDs from each firm
  • Industries spanning AI to American Dynamism
  • With many more to come...

Spring '24 Cohort

  • Industry focus in SaaS, AI, and consumer tech
  • From ideation to post revenue
  • Over $1,000,000 raised (so far…)


Although we aren't a time-bound accelerator, here's what to expect this semester:

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    2/2-2/16 | Applications

    Written apps are open from 2/2-2/9. Interviews will take place from 2/10-2/16 and consist of a behavioral round and a pitch round. 

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    2/18 | Decisions & Cohort Dinner

    Decisions are released and our first cohort gets dinner on us together - the first of many to come. 

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    2/19-5/1 | Events and Programming

    Our events, workshops, check-ins, and more will take place during this time - subject to the needs of our cohort.

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    5/5 | Pitch Day

    Optional for our members, but we'll be hosting an end of semester pitch for our founders, open to the public, and sponsored by some partner VCs. 

Interested in Partnering?

If you're a VC, startup, etc. that's interested in working with us, drop your email and we'll be in touch shortly. 

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