Startup Team

Mentorship students gain the ability to become future entrepreneurs, expanding the entrepreneurial community here at NYU. While not all choose to pursue entrepreneurship for their career, they take the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation with them to whatever they pursue.

Curriculum Overview

The Startup Team curriculum is constructed to provide an aspiring entrepreneur the generalist skills necessary to build the foundation for a startup. 

  • 1

    Startup Basics & Lifecycle

    • Startup Terms and Metrics
    • Market Analysis Frameworks
    • Figma and Design Principles
    • Startup Valuation Methods
    • Financial Metrics
    • Startup Accounting
    • DCF Modeling
    • Why Ideas Fail
    • Product Market Fit
    • Stages of Product Lifecycle
    • Industry Primers and Pitches
  • 2

    Product Development

    • User Metrics and Journey
    • Cohort Analysis
    • Python and Pandas Programming
    • Minumum Viable Product Scope
    • MVP Mockups and Types
    • Product Roadmaps
    • Bubble
    • Agile Development
    • Tech Terms
    • Emerging Tech
    • Product Demos
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  • 3

    Growth & Venture Capital

    • Growth Frameworks and Metrics
    • Messaging and Positioning
    • Growth in Practice
    • Marketing Mix
    • Inbound and Outbound Channels
    • Distribution Methods
    • Facebook and Google Ads
    • Venture Capital Fundamentals
    • Funding Stages
    • Cap Tables and Term Sheets
    • Startup Pitches
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Startup Team Consulting

We match students to high-growth startups based on their specialization into one of our engineering, product, or marketing tracks. 

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