By the Numbers

Some fun stats about the EEG community

Over 190 startups created

Whether inside of EEG or out, our members are always innovating and creating. In our over 2 decades of existing, this has meant a lot of startups.

150+ Songs Created

EEG creatives target all different kinds of mediums. Bands of EEG members (literally) have created songs and one of our member's songs was featured in the olympics.

31 Languages Spoken

Hailing from every corner of the world, our members speak 31 different languages (not counting coding ones).

5 Books Published (and a lot of medium pages)

From math textbooks to sports statistics and poetry collections, our interests aren't all tech/entrepreneurship focused. However, we do have a lot of aspring newsletter and medium writers, looking to become the next Jason Calacanis.

$1.3 Million of Shoes Sold

EEG members were busy during COVID selling shoes. In fact, two members used to sell thousands in shoes to each other on Discord, 2 years before they would meet face-to-face in EEG teams meetings.

15 Nationally Ranked Individuals

We love to compete and achieve! Currently 15 of our members are ranked within the national top 100 for some event in some activity. Some of these include chess (junior div), table tennis, esports, ddakji, squash, and Spanish grammar.

20+ years of operations

EEG is so old that we actually can not find any records of its creation. We know its at least 20 years old, given that we got ahold of the co-presidents from 2003. 

1 Amazing Community

Despite the diverse interests of all our members, we are all united by the drive to innovate. EEG truly is one cohesive community, and we'd love to have you join us!